BrainStation 3D

An 8 hour Hackathon bringing Data Scientist, Web Development and Design students together.

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While pursuing my User Experience Design Diploma at BrainStation, I participated in BrainStation 3D.

This is the day where all three disciplines at our school get to come together and tackle a challenge collaboratively (Data Scientists, UX Designers and Web Developers).

Teams of 7 were given one data set and one target demographic. We then had less than 8 hours to leverage the data provided to build an interactive webpage that would appeal to our target demographic and present our data findings to them. At the end of the day, each team was given 4 minutes to present our results and then a winner would be decided.

My Teammates

Dan Stein, Floria Chu, Peter Christidis, Varun Janardhan, Philip Sohn, Rafay Ali


Along with the webpage, our team (Talk Data To Me) create a 4 minute presentation explaining our decision making behind our website and it's main feature "The Bang for Your Buck Index". I'm sure you can see that we had a lot of fun with this.

The data set our team was provided was restaurant information in India and our target demographic was new graduates.

We gathered data about our target demographic and created a primary persona of a recent university graduate travelling to India

With the knowledge we had about our target demographic, we created a cost versus rating index. This would give our users the ability to easily learn which restaurants have the best quality for their price (based on local reviews).

I’m so thankful to have been part of such an amazing team, we had so much fun working together. I honestly believe how well we worked together was our biggest strength in helping us win this challenge.

What I Learned From This Project

Collaborating with other designers in order to work efficiently while delivering designs that look cohesive
The importance of keeping the target user in mind when working with data (focus on how you can leverage the data to help your user)
Splicing designs based on what you want the web development team to do with them
Keeping in mind development limitations especially when there is such a short time frame, and how our requests affect that
The importance of using "Kebab-Case" when saving files, to save time for web developers
Having fun, makes everything better! This was such a fun day for myself and my team, I'm honored to have worked with them.

The Winning Webpage

A screen capture the interactive webpage we created in less than 8 hours.

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