Pastel Bank

A 5 Day Design Sprint to Improve Mobile Banking for Young Professionals

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Teams of 5 design students were given the opportunity to design a native mobile application for a fictional bank, Pastel Bank. We were instructed to choose one of three predetermined demographics (First-time bankers, young professionals or retirees). Using the information provided to us, we conducted research and designed a feature for the mobile app that would solve a problem for the chosen demographic. Given the time frame, we were instructed to focus on one primary task flow. Once a prototype of the task-flow was created, we conducted one round of usability testing, to determine the success of our design and gain insights for improvements. At the end of the week, we presented our research and final product to a panel, including individuals from Scotiabank Digital Factory, to receive feedback and answer questions.

My Teammates

Floria Chu, Janus Tiu, Scott Sobere-Yu, Begam Oral

We designed a native mobile app for Pastel Bank, focusing on a primary task flow that solves a specific problem for our target user

Since we knew we were going to conduct in-person interviews, we chose to focus on young professionals, to insure we would have access to enough research participants.

The information we were provided about or target users were that they graduated university 2-5 years ago, they had disposable income for the first time in their lives, and they still had student debt

Conducting secondary research, we discovered that student debt is common among young professionals, since 50% of students finish university with debt

Among those with student debt, the average student upon graduation is $28,000, the average interest rate is 6%, and the average time it takes individuals to pay off their student debt is 9.5 years

Using the insights from our secondary research, we defined a problem space for our target users

Considering our problem space, we developed a "how might we" question that we would focus on when designing our mobile app feature

We conducted 6 interviews with young professionals with student debt in order to determine their motivations, challenges and behaviours

With the insights from our research, we developed a primary persona, Jessica

We mapped out Jessica's current experience with student debt and determined our primary area for opportunity was helping young professionals plan their loan payments

In order to help users like Jessica plan their loan payments, we create a loan calculator. Users can choose to plan their loan payments based on time (when they want to be loan free) or based on amount (how much they want to pay per payment). Users would have the option to set up and auto-payment based on the calculation or recalculate.

Additionally, a user can click on the drop down element if they want to know how much they will pay in interest, based on their calculated plan

Next Steps

Adjust design to reflect usability testing insights
Design additional task flows
Conduct user research to determine whether or not users prefer to see their total interest

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